100 Free Directories – No Reciprocal Link, No Registration Required!

100 Free Directories – No Reciprocal Link, No Registration Required!

Are you looking for ways to earn more quality backlinks for your blog to boost your Google Page Rank but you don’t have the budget for paid directory submission? Looking for free directories where you can submit your blog without the need to reciprocate the link? This is your lucky day mate, because I got what you just need.

Here’s a list of free directories where you can submit your blog and earn more quality backlinks without the need for a reciprocal link. Reciprocal links are not only going to clog your sidebar but will diminish the value of a link. With these free directories, you get one way link, which is considered more valuable by Google. What’s more, all these directories will not require you to create an account before you are able to submit your blog. And, the links will direct you to the submission form. All you need to do is just fill in the form and hit the submit button.

Before you proceed submitting your blog to these free directories, you might be interested with the other two lists of free directories I compiled. The lists include directories with good Google Page Rank and requires no reciprocal link. You just need to hurry because they won’t remain free forever. Some have already started asking for listing fee.

[ Please drop a comment if you found any of the directories not working or if they started to require reciprocal link or listing fee. Thank you! :) ]

  1. Link It SEO
  2. Crunchy Link Directory
  3. Ace Web Directory
  4. Free Directory Info
  5. Yuguofu Free Directory
  6. Xynnet Web Directory
  7. The Open Directory
  8. HAQJ Free Directory
  9. BLP Web Directory
  10. Manage Biz Directory
  11. SEO Friendly Directory
  12. General Book Directory
  13. TK Web Directory
  14. Omega Web Directory
  15. Link Submit Directory
  16. UrLoaded Directory
  17. Network Promote Directory
  18. Chana’s Directory
  19. Quality Submissions
  20. 00 Link Directory
  21. Young Rich Kids Directory
  22. Stars Directory
  23. SEO Range Directory
  24. Fast Tracked Directory
  25. UK Web Directory
  26. SEO Web Directory
  27. Marvista Stree Directory
  28. Angkor Directory
  29. Global Internet Index
  30. FreeDir Directory
  31. SEO Friendly Directory
  32. Zippy Directory
  33. The A Ace Directory
  34. Find2K Directory
  35. Cubic Directory
  36. The TwoFo Net Directory
  37. Directory For You
  38. Directory Bucket
  39. Directory For Rank
  40. Directory GD
  41. Php Link Directory
  42. Onpaco Web Directory
  43. Eezee Data Directory
  44. FBQE Directory
  45. GKIV Web Directory
  46. Web Directory 2010
  47. General Web Directory
  48. Website Ranker
  49. Linkorama Directory
  50. Clicker Network Directory
  51. Amazing Directory
  52. A Simple Directory
  53. Tune Circle Directory
  54. OIZB Web Directory
  55. Stars Web Directory
  56. Add New Links Directory
  57. Ricusa SEO Directory
  58. NB Directory
  59. Sored Hot Directory
  60. BLP Directory
  61. Network Improve Dir
  62. A Free Directory
  63. Comply URL Directory
  64. Wawa Directory
  65. Top Directory 1
  66. Traffic Dot Directory
  67. Dot Plot Directory
  68. Ako Directory
  69. Dream Directory
  70. Movie Digg Directory
  71. Link Now Web Directory
  72. Site 1 Directory
  73. Link Directory 1
  74. URL Directory 1
  75. Web Directory 1
  76. Digital Pointed Directory
  77. SEO Directory
  78. SE Friendly Web Directory
  79. Links For Free
  80. Free Directory Elite
  81. My Free Directory
  82. Gaming Forums Directory
  83. Official Link Directory
  84. Ample Directory
  85. SEO Name Directory
  86. One Best Link
  87. Intra Web Directory
  88. Web Link Directory
  89. URL Fusion Directory
  90. Wholesale Pimp Directory
  91. Browsier Web Directory
  92. Directory Oasis
  93. Real Free Directory
  94. Search Group Directory
  95. Submit URL
  96. Give Link Directory
  97. Web Directory Submit
  98. Add Page Directory
  99. Directory Pimp
  100. Hichet Directory

That’s 100 quality backlinks for you, only if you take time to submit. Remember that these directories will not stay free forever so take advantage of this opportunity while submission is still free.

BONUS – Free Directories

To all Free Directories owners:

If you want me to add your directories on the list, just leave a comment on this post with your free directory’s URL. I’ll have it added ASAP.

NOTE: Your directory should have a free option with no reciprocal link required.

If you find this list useful, why don’t you give it a Stumble or a Digg. Thank you for your time. :D

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