Anurag Worlikar: Barayan will entertain you, but with a message

We have seen him in many Marathi films and television shows working as a child artist, but nobody could ever imagine that this cute famous child artist will become one of the leading actors of Marathi film industry. Yes, we are talking about none other than a popular child artist and now a young actor of Marathi Film Industry, Anurag Worlikar.
Anurag Worlikar has always been making every 90s kid happy and active with his innocent acting skills from his first Marathi film Devaki (2002), Mission Champion and so on. And now, the actor is coming up with his new Marathi film, Barayan, which is all set to hit the screens this Friday, i.e. January 12, 2018.
Sumit Rajguru of Free Press Journal asked Anurag about what Barayan is all about and other interesting things. Excerpts:o
Tell us something about Barayan?
Barayan is the story of every household which focuses on the HSC exams which has always been a big issue for every family. Barayan portrays the story of Aniruddha who is an HSC exam appearing student and how his parents have expectations from his child to pursue his career in some of the lucrative professions like Doctor or Engineer. Barayan will show the journey of how Aniruddha meets with different situations and people where he gets some different experiences from the life. Barayan focuses on the issue of every household where parents have always been selective and imposing their wish on their child.
Have you ever faced a Barayan kind of situation in your life?
Fortunately, I never had this kind of pressure in my life. My parents have always been giving me the freedom to choose what I want, what field I want to pursue my career in. However, it is the very common thing for being pressurised by your family, neighbours when you are in 12th standard. Many times, people also portrays that 12th is the final thing to make your decision, but I think it is not. There are people who have also chosen their field even after their graduation as well. But, in that case, I’m very lucky! (Smiles).
How did you prepare for your role in Barayan?
When I was finalised for the role of Aniruddha, our director Deepak Patil sir did a workshop for us. It used to be meetings between me and him where we tried to understand my character ‘Aniruddha Patil’ better. When I read the script, I understood my character from my perspective, my experiences and so on. As an actor, it was my job to understand and try to get what the director wants me to do, to portray Aniruddha better than my own efforts. Apart from that, the most important thing of my character Aniruddha is he interacts with a lot of other characters. So, these interactions had to be genuine.
From childhood to adult star, do you find the difference between in your acting style?
Definitely! As a child artist, I was very naive. I didn’t know any technicality of the acting. I used to do a scene as per what the director was telling. I was in 2nd Std. when I did my first film Devaki (2002). But now, while doing Barayan, I have had already completed my film study course. Thus, I was pretty much aware of the technicalities, production, post-production aspects. Thus, the knowledge of these things helped me a lot as an actor. I have directed films during film studies, thus it helped me to give my best as an actor to understand the craft better and perform my character accordingly.
What did you learn during the making of Barayan?
There are a lot of things I learned. When you are working with such senior and experienced actors like Sanjay Mone sir, Nandu Madhav sir, Prateeksha Lonkar mam and Vandana Gupte mam, it feels like a textbook. I learned a lot of things from them. Even while doing scenes with them, they used to make me feel comfortable and get the best performance from me.
What is your opinion about ongoing change in Marathi Film Industry?
First of all, I’m not that much eligible to give my opinion on this. But, I would only say that it is definitely changing. However, we also need to understand that people usually try to rate Marathi Film Industry on the basis of the success of one film. If one film is getting the success that doesn’t mean that entire industry is successful because, after that one film, there are around 50 films which failed. Sometimes, we audiences are also responsible for the failure of certain films. As an audience, we have to develop along with the industry. It shouldn’t be that all Marathi films have content and all. As an audience, we need to develop our taste to understand the content coming from the film. I think Marathi industry is moving toward positive progress and there is still a long way to go.
What do you think about Marathi movies getting lesser screens than Hindi movies?
Our Barayan team had a similar discussion about this issue. At that time, Sanjay Mone sir had put a valid point. He said, “Movie is an art and we all try to worship the art as we have a love for cinema. But after all, it becomes a business at a certain point, It’s a commerce. While, bringing out your product, we have to face a competition. You can’t complain about it.” But on the other side, Hindi filmmakers and producers should also understand to make way for the competition. They can’t block all the theatres because they should make a way for the competition. Otherwise, it’s a monopoly! If you develop the film industry as a whole then it has to be a healthy competition. We need to make content-driven films to pull the audience to the theatres. If we have 2 screens out of 10 screens that too are ‘Housefull’ is just because of the content. I think from our side, we need to deliver quality to the audience. So, that they should understand what they have to watch and what not to.
Lastly. Tell us why people should watch Barayan in theatre?
Barayan is definitely giving out a message on what people should think about. But at the same time, it’s a complete entertainment package. It’s a film for everyone. It has all the essence to make you entertain with a message.

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