Attention investors: Iphone tsunami

Attention investors: A big event coming up Iphone tsunami

Attention investors: Iphone tsunami

The revolutionary IPhone is back again with its 10th anniversary edition. read below the chaos it creates among loyalist:

If you are a dealer of iPhone, a stockist of one or are planning to buy the new edition of Iphone…any where around the world  there is something you should know.
With the announcement of the new series of the Iphone there could be a king’s ransom up to grab.  What could be Apple’s next game-changer makes its way outside of the company’s secretive design labs in Silicon Valley?

But, we think one stock that’s poised to benefit the most from Apple’s next game-changer IS NOT Apple itself.
Some of the biggest names are calling it a once-in-a-decade opportunity for Apple.
Forbes is calling it an “Iphone Tsunami.”
While JP Morgan is urging its clients to act immediately.

Most of you must be knowing that don’t you:
Most of the loyalist to Iphone are looking forward for the new edition to be launched soon.
What most people don’t know is tech insiders think there’s an invaluable, tiny component inside Apple’s newest Iphone that Apple doesn’t manufacture in-house! They do not make it because they don’t have the technology or the patents to do so.
That’s because another company (1/100th of Apple’s size) owns the rights to those patents- so Apple would have to pay that company to include its technology in their gadgets.
You don’ have to be a numbers-whiz to understand what that kind of growth can do to a company’s stock price.
An undisclosed name of a tiny company essentially gets paid every time gets paid every time Apple sells their revolutionary new Iphone.
To keep in mind the Iphone Mania is back.
And there’s potentially billions of dollars up for grabs. But, one legendary investor thinks there’s a better way to play the coming Apple tsunami.



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