Bigg Boss 10: Rohan Mehra’s Father Reacts At His Son’s Aggressive Step Against Om Swami!

This season of Bigg Boss 10 has been unexpected so far. The last incident between Rohan Mehra and Om Swami has shaken the house and as a punishment, Rohan is nominated for the entire season. This left Rohan quite upset and he requested Bigg Boss to allow him to talk to his father and that he wants to leave the show. Time and again Rohan had only one condition that he wants to talk to his father as he can’t live in the house with wrong allegations.

Well, now Rohan Mehra’s father Ravinder Mehra has come out in support of his son and has defended his son’s action saying that he comes from a business family, was a National-level table tennis player and a popular TV star.

Rohan’s father said, “Being a sportsperson, Rohan’s very focussed on the tasks and was irritated with Swami Om for his unwanted interference which was against the rules. Besides, it was Swami Om who got violent first, injuring Rohan and Manveer. He even started stripping in front of female contestants and urinated in the kitchen. Rohan is only doing this show because Salman Khan is hosting it, otherwise there is no reason to tolerate such contestants.

He also added saying, “Rohan respects his elders and addresses them as ‘aap’. It must have taken a lot of provocation for him to forget his Maryada,” Mehra asserts.

When asked about Rohan’s decision to quit the show after being punished, his father quips, “Rohan is a child. The makers have had a word with him and he understands that he is contractually bound to the show. I’m sure you’ll see the Swami dancing in the next episode.

Well, now it remains to see how Salman Khan deals with his incident during the weekend ka vaar episodes. Also, as earlier we exclusively revealed, start host Salman Khan will be stepping inside the house on New Year’s Eve.

Credits: Mumbai Mirror.

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