Bigg Boss 11, 3rd November 2017,Puneesh Gupta pees during an endurance task.

In This episode of Bigg Boss 11, Shilpa Shinde troubles Vikas Gupta who is in the jail. Shilpa doesn’t let Vikas sleep at night. First, she throws a bottle near him and then picks up his mattress with the pool cleaning stick.

Vikas asks Luv to let him out of the bathroom as he needs to use the washroom. He says that he is injured and can’t use this one. Luv lets him out and then he shouts in the lawn that he wants to get out of the house at any cost. Luv puts him back in the jail but he escapes the jail through the camera gap.

Vikas then collects the furniture and makes a ladder to run from the house. He manages to reach the roof and tries to climb on it but it looks very flimsy so he gives up and sits on the lawn. Luv comes and talks to him and tells him to stay strong.

In the morning Vikas goes back to the jail. Then the contestants are woken up to the song Joh Jeeta Vo Sikander.

The contestants then discuss how Vikas tried to escape from the house. Puneesh says that if he doesn’t go home now, he will lose all that he stood up for. Hina says that the moment Bigg Boss tells Vikas that he will become a captain, he will get happy. Puneesh and Akash look for Akash’s lost immunity medal.

Puneesh breaks the lock on Vikas’s bag and then they decide to look for the shield after eating to avoid suspicion. Bandagi tells Puneesh that if he will help Akash with such tasks, she won’t talk to him. Shilpa tells Luv that he should ask for Akash’s shield as he is the captain. Luv says that Akash is not a kid and should fight for his own shield.

Akash finds the shield in Vikas’s bag and they decide to hide it in Puneesh’s bag. Puneesh tells him not to tell anyone that they have found it. Shilpa comes and sits next to the jail and talks to Vikas. She continues teasing him for being in the jail.

Vikas asks her why she is troubling him for no reason. Vikas says that she will soon get her bad karma soon and then she will regret behaving in such a manner. Bigg Boss then lets Vikas, Arshi, and Mehjabee out of the jail.

Shilpa asks Vikas if he wants to eat but Vikas gets angry and she says that she really wants him to feel better and eat. Bandagi tells Vikas to counter Shilpa and ask her for biryani.




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