Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani asks Shilpa Shinde to apply lotion on his butt and this is how she reacts Bigg Boss 11: Did Akash Dadlani cross the line again?

Bigg Boss 11 is probably the crassest season of the reality show so far. The regular episodes of Bigg Boss 11 have hardly anything on the extra-dose and unseen footage. And detailing another unaired footage from the main episode, here we are to tell you about the time when Akash Dadlani asked Shilpa Shinde to apply lotion on his butt. Yes, you read that right.

It is unclear what ignited this conversation but it seems like Akash has a boil on his butt. He jokingly asks Shilpa Shinde, his on and of BFF, to apply lotion on his private parts. Though in his defence he did crack the same joke on the other housemates including Hiten, Priyank and Puneesh as well. The actress doesn’t like the joke and thinks that her friend has crossed the limit. She complains about the incident to co-contestant Hiten Tejwani and tells him that she is going to teach Akash a lesson in the house. Hiten also is shocked at what Akash said and tells Shilpa that people should maintain a limit while joking. Though she immediately laughs the whole conversation off and doesn’t make a big deal out of it.
Interestingly, the conversation is overheard by Akash himself. He takes objection that why isn’t Shilpa coming directly to him if she has a problem and why is she discussing the matter with Hiten. He, too, understands that they all are joking with each other.
In fact, another Extra Dose video the three are talking again and joking with each other. Hiten even goes on to say that if Akash repeats any sort of this joke he will make sure to kick his ass.
In other news, another big fight is going to erupt in the Bigg Boss 11 house. Arshi Khan and Priyank Sharma are going to have a major showdown after the luxury budget task goes all haywire. Hell hath no fury like Arshi Khan scorned.

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