Bigg Boss 11 Preview, 12 October 2017: Vikas learns a lesson and Mehjabi and Arshi have a spat


The heated atmosphere prevailed in Bigg Boss 11 house as the inmates tried to upstage each other to stand out in the show.
Vikas learns an important lesson and shares a few words of wisdom. Interestingly, he has been avoiding the communicating with Shilpa Shinde and focusing more on mingling with other housemates, a good strategy to survive in the house for as long as he can.

Watch the snippets and get a taste of what’s in store.

One of the padosis, Mehjabi Siddiqui has a problem with Arshi Khan. Before, we get into what happened let’s take a quick consider Mehjabi’s background. She calls herself the ‘voice of all the daughters in law of the country’. She had also made a bold statement by saying that – “Raita failaungi main ghar mein, saaf woh log kareng.” Check out the snippets in which we can clearly say that – Mehjabi has a problem with Arshi, see what happens next in today’s episode.

Arshi Khan, on the other hand, is not less feisty. She happens to be one of the most controversial names on the show this season. From her famous claim of having a physical relationship with Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi to stripping for Team India during the 2016 ICC T20 World Cup, she has made enough headlines to make the other inmates wary of her,
Hina khan has a chit-chat session where she is seen talking about life in Delhi and how it is different from Mumbai. She touches upon the dangerous side of Delhi life. She talks about the Nirbhaya case and a few other jaw-dropping incidents that she had faced. At one point she talks about how it not considered safe to be out of the house after 8. Many could relate. Watch today’s episode, filled with drama and more spat between Arshi Khan and Mehjabeen.

Keep reading this space for the juiciest happenings.


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