Bigg Boss 11: Rohan Mehra slams Gauahar Khan for taking potshots at Hina Khan


Bigg Boss 11 has been making news since its premiere. It seems the show has managed to keep the ex-contestants hooked to the television screens too. Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan has been taking a dig at Hina Khan and now Rohan Mehra joins the conversation but to defend Hina.




It seems Bigg Boss 11 is not only entertaining the audience, but it is also ensuring that ex-Bigg Boss contestants are glued to their television screens.

At least, ex-Bigg Boss contestant Gauahar Khan seems to be keeping a close view on what’s happening in this season, especially how Hina Khan is playing the game.

Since day one or should we say ever since the fights started to happen in the house, the actor has been constantly sharing her views on Hina’s behaviour on the show but without naming her. Recently, Hina during a task on Friday questioned Akash Dadlani and the very next day, Gauahar praised Akash for being grounded.

While her tweet received many responses, it seems it did not go down well with Rohan Mehra, a former co-star of Hina Khan.
Gauahar wrote, “A-kash or akash …. Ure real , loyal , all heart … I don’t know u , but I hope u go long in this show !!! N u are grounded !”. In response to which Rohan Mehra said, “This Akash DADLANI u r supporting @GAUAHAR_KHAN. Also next time tag @eyehinakhan if u have the guts or any sort of issues.From #ruderohan”
But this did not stop Gauahar who defended her statement. In a series of tweets, Gauahar said, “So apparently if u say something nice about someone , ppl in this world interpret that as an attack on some 1 else .. lol. If I wanna diss someone I will say so n tag ppl too , Dnt need no permission! But until then stop ur assumptions n spreading hatred.”
A few days back, when Hina Khan made fun of Shilpa Shinde for not knowing how to read or speak English, Gauahar in defence of Shilpa wrote on Twitter, “Kya padhna naa aana koi buri baat hai??? Agar aapko angrezi nahi aati are u uneducated?”

On October 2, Gauahar recalled the moment when she was declared the winner of Bigg Boss season 7. She wrote, “The deepest feeling of gratitude today !!!! Seriously !!! Season 7 of #biggboss was my greatest n most treasured experience !! As I watch the seasons post it , the feeling of gratitude n appreciation just grows!!

Wanna thank Allah for giving me the opportunity that year , wanna thank preeto n @nigaarzkhan for convincing me to do it that year !! Wanna thank @colorstv for getting the most perfect , classy , interesting mix of casting that year … Wanna thank each n every contestant for being so fierce , competitive yet so much fun that year , wanna thank the creatives of the show for coming up with all things amazing that season , wanna thank @beingsalmankhan for always being the highlight of the show, wanna thank @therealkushaltandon for being the only 1 for me in the journey, one n only really …

Wanna thank my family for being my biggest supporters!!!! Through thick n thin ..Wanna thank my #crazylot for loving me with all ur heart n making me win !! Against all odds … Just humbled .. thank u Allah”.










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