Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar highlights: Hiten professed his love for Arshi; here’s how

Deepika Padukone crowned Shilpa Shinde as queen Padmavati of Bigg Boss house

The show started with Deepika Padukone’s entry in the Bigg Boss house. The actress was there to promote her upcoming movie Padmavati. She had some fun tasks for the contestants. Akash was the first one to be asked to go on the dais and inhale helium and sing a song. Deepika and everyone in the house were left in splits after his performance.
Post Akash, Hiten was asked to profess his love to Arshi, even if it’s false. Hiten also had to inhale helium and make his love confession in a funny voice. He mouthed the famous Om Shanti Om dialogue ‘Itni shiddat se tumhe…’ for Arshi.
Sapna Chaudhary who’s an amazing dancer was next. Deepika asked her to show her killer dance moves. Sapna danced to Haryanvi song Chhori Bindaas. Deepika was so impressed with her performance that she gave her a special power to punish any one of the housemates. She chose Akash, whose behaviour towards Shilpa was very bad throughout the week. As a result of which Akash was shackled around his wrist, ankle and neck until Bigg Boss’ next instructions.


Shilpa Shinde was crowned as Queen Padmavati while Hiten became Maharawal Ratan Singh of the house. With maximum votes, Puneesh was declared as the villain aka Alauddin Khilji of Bigg Boss house, which didn’t go down too well with him. Deepika bade adieu to the housemates only after making them all dance to her famous Ghoomar song from Padmavati.
After meeting the housemates, Deepika met Salman Khan and the duo engaged in a fun conversation, where both Salman and Deepika posed few questions to each other. When asked whom would Deepika like to kill, marry and date–Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor– she chose Bhansali to marry, Ranveer to date and said, “Shahid Kapoor toh shaadishuda hai toh unko kill toh karna he padega.”
Salman was asked the same question and was asked to choose between Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez and Deepika. Salman being Salman said that he wouldn’t marry anybody but would date and kill them all.
Salman also threw a challenge at Deepika to do an offbeat dance. Both Salman and Deepika set the stage on fire with their offbeat dance moves on Ghoomar from Padmavati.
After meeting the diva, the housemates gathered around the living area to get their weekly dose from star Salman Khan. Salman pulled Luv’s leg for trying to save too many contestants during the luxury budget task.
This week Shilpa and Hina were pitted against each other for Sultani Akhada. It was quite easy for Angoori Bhabhi to defeat Hina.
Salman then announced Benafsha Soonawalla as the contestant to be evicted from the house. The other contestants who were nominated for elimination were Hina Khan and Sapna Chaudhary.

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