New magic drink: Black tea may help you shed extra kilos

Want to get rid of those extra kilos? With the trending recipes of losing weight from all over the world.  Expertise like Dietician and Nutritionists are recommending a new magic drink -THE BLACK TEA. Grab a cup of black tea, say scientists who have found that the beverage may promote weight loss by encouraging growth […]

Eman Ahmed, World’s ‘heaviest’ woman, breathes last in Abu Dhabi

  Abu Dhabi: Eman Ahmed, the world’s heaviest woman who underwent a weight-loss surgery in Mumbai earlier this year, passed away in Abu Dhabi on Monday morning, only a week after celebrating her 37th birthday. The Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi confirmed the news, and stating that numerous co-morbid conditions including heart diseases and kidney […]

According to the studies prolonged sitting may kill you fast

If you have a job or lifestyle where you have to sit for prolonged periods of time, a study suggests taking a movement break every half hour. This one behavior change could reduce your risk of death. We need creative ways to increase regular interruptions to sitting with bursts of activity. Does your job force […]

Heavy drinking may affect men more than women, according to scientists

According to the scientists the long-term use of alcohol affects brain functionality of both genders differently. Heavy drinking may harm men more than women. Scientists from the University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio University Hospital in Finland worked bunch of people who had a heavy 10-year alcohol use which includes 11 young men and 16 […]

According to the studies, Marijuana affects the way people walk

  According to the studies conducted by 44 people, mostly in their 20s at the University of South Australia, with around half reporting to be marijuana smokers that those who consumed cannabis had “stiffer shoulders, more flexible elbows and quicker knees, which move faster than those of non-users, while walking”. During the study the participants […]

Swine flu: worst cases in Gujarat, Maharashtra in terms of infection, deaths

While national Capital Delhi, recorded 1,066 cases of swine flu, Maharashtra and Gujarat are the worst affected when it comes to the number of cases of swine flu reported in the past one month. According to Zee News the number of swine flu deaths are stated by the official figures stands at 280 in Gujarat […]

Google’s New Screening Test To know If You Are Depressed Or Not!

Google has partnered with a mental illness group called National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to provide Americans with a test to check if you are depressed or mentally ill. People in the US who type “depression” or “clinical depression” in Google search via a mobile device will now be invited to check if they […]

How to Rock That Mane: Choosing a Good Professional Hair Expert

Our hair is one of our most prized possessions….for most of us. Probably, that is the reason why when we have a bad hair day, we don’t even feel like ourselves. When it comes to hair, one must always be cautious in terms of care and styling. We all know that too many products and […]