Aruna Shanbaug And The Right To Die With Dignity: Top Court Allows Passive Euthanasia

Supreme Court verdict allowing ‘living will’ takes us back to Aruna Shanbaug, who lay like a vegetable, at KEM Hospital for 42 years. New Delhi:  The Supreme Court verdict allowing passive euthanasia takes us back to Aruna Ramchandra Shanbaug, a nurse at the KEM Hospital who lay like a vegetable, at ward number 4 for […]

For Right To Die With Dignity, Court Allows Passive Euthanasia: 10 Points

Passive Euthanasia: The guidelines focus on who will execute the will and the role of a medical board in permitting passive euthanasia. 1. The “living will” authorises the withdrawal of life-support system for patients suffering from terminal and irreversible illnesses. Patients can give explicit instructions in advance about the medical treatment to be administered when […]

Law to ban instant triple talaq on anvil; govt may move Parliament this Winter Session

The government had set up a ministerial panel and will either bring a new law or amend existing provisions to ban instant triple talaq and punish those practising it as ordered by the Supreme Court. The Narendra Modi government plans to bring in legislation to ban instant triple talaq, or talaq-e-biddat, in the Winter session […]

Deadly earthquakes could hit a BILLION people next year because of Earth’s slowing rotation

Slight fluctuations will release mammoth amounts of underground energy Next year we could have at least 20 serious earthquakes, scientists warn The most intense ones are expected to occur in tropical regions Swarms of devastating earthquakes are set to arrive next year due to the slowing of Earth’s rotation, scientists claim. Experts warn we ‘had […]

Peter Dutton says religious freedom could be protected after marriage equality

Key conservative speaks out against discrimination and says bill to protect beliefs could be debated in the future Peter Dutton has ruled out allowing commercial service providers to reject same-sex weddings and said religious freedom could “potentially” be protected after marriage equality passes. On Thursday the Liberal senator Dean Smith introduced the cross-party bill into […]

Regular Energy Drinks May Pose Serious Health Risks: Study

If you are an energy drink fan, probably you should limit its consumption. According to a study published in the Frontiers in Public Health, regular energy drinks may give you energy but may pose serious health risks too. If you are an energy drink fan, probably you should limit its consumption. According to a study […]

Chhath Puja 2017: Dos and Don’ts of the Festival

People across Northern India are celebrating Chhath Puja, which has started and will end on 27th October, 2017. Chhath Puja, also known as Chhath Parva or Dala Chhath or Surya Shasthi is celebrated after Diwali on Kartik Shukla Paksha Shashthi. People across Northern India, especially in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are celebrating […]

Small asteroid to closely pass Earth on Thursday, says NASA

  New Delhi: American space agency NASA has reported that a small asteroid will safely whizz past Earth on Thursday at a distance of approximately 42,000 kilometres. This  is  just above the orbital altitude of communication satellites. The fly-by of the asteroid designated 2012 TC4 will give asteroid trackers around the world an opportunity to […]

Land O’Lakes sinkhole deepens slightly, now stable

LAND O’LAKES — A massive sinkhole that on Friday destroyed one home and nearly swallowed another had stopped expanding by Saturday morning. The sinkhole sank 4 to 6 inches overnight, officials said. It had been as deep as 50 feet Friday night. “We have seen no significant movement in the last 14 hours,” said Kevin […]