Googel to launch Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL specs and features; leaks ahead of launch tonight

Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL specs and features : There is no surprise anymore. Apple couldn’t keep the iPhone X, one of its biggest products in years, a surprise ahead of the launch event. And Google surely can’t keep away the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL from the leakers. The two phones, which […]

Attention investors: A big event coming up Iphone tsunami

The revolutionary IPhone is back again with its 10th anniversary edition. read below the chaos it creates among loyalist: If you are a dealer of iPhone, a stockist of one or are planning to buy the new edition of Iphone…any where around the world  there is something you should know. With the announcement of the […]

100 Free Directories – No Reciprocal Link, No Registration Required!

Are you looking for ways to earn more quality backlinks for your blog to boost your Google Page Rank but you don’t have the budget for paid directory submission? Looking for free directories where you can submit your blog without the need to reciprocate the link? This is your lucky day mate, because I got […]

Here’s Sundar Pichai’s ‘Cockroach Theory’ That Will Teach You A Thing Or Two About Life

Sundar Pichai continues to make global news after becoming Google’s CEO. Stories about his past, schooling and college days are viral. Well at least in India they are. Here’s another story, or rather a speech by Sundar Pichai, that is being massively shared for the past few days. It’s a speech about the ‘cockroach theory’ […]

Samsung won’t show off its Galaxy S8 at MWC next month

This year’s Mobile World Congress expo, which usually sees major smartphone brands from around the world unveil their latest and greatest products, will miss one of the most highly anticipated launches of all time: Samsung’s Galaxy S8. The S8 is the South Korean firm’s upcoming flagship phone that will succeed the disastrous Galaxy Note 7, […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 to be Flipkart Exclusive: All You Need to Know Including Price, Before Jan 19 Launch

Xiaomi after having a good 2016 run in the Indian smartphone market is all st to launch their first smartphone in the country. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 launch date has been set by the company for January 19, 2017. The smartphone is the successor to the popular Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. The company has confirmed […]

iPhone 8 is about to come with iPhone 4-like stainless steel frame

While Apple is unlikely to release its upcoming iPhone 8 until September, rumors about its upcoming flagship handset continue to stack up – and the latest one hints we might be in for a whole new look. Citing undisclosed sources, Taiwanese media DigiTimes reports the Cupertino behemoth has abandoned its go-to supplier Foxconn and placed orders […]

Zuckerberg could run Facebook while serving in government forever

Mark Zuckerberg is not limited to just two years working in the government while still controlling Facebook, as has been widely misreported. A closer examination of SEC documents reveals Zuck only needs to still own enough Facebook stock or have the board’s approval to be allowed to serve in government indefinitely. Combined with Zuckerberg’s announcement […]

Anti-surveillance apparel hides your face from facial recognition software

Privacy advocates have long feared the risk facial recognition technologies pose to ethical surveillance practices, but soon there might be a high-tech garment solution that can hide your face from being recognized by computers. The Guardian reports Berlin-bound artist and independent researcher Adam Harvey is developing a new technology which aims to overwhelm and confuse computer […]