Climate Change- The Current Circumstances

The topic of climate change has always been a subject which has been highly debated for some reason. There have been times where world leaders and known politicians have defied science and reason and gone on to say that climate change and the issues of global warming are all lies and a hoax. These same people have sometimes gone back on their words as well; when the need be. Currently, sad to say, politicians have used the subject of climate change as a political weapon, when need be. They have changed their views and statements whenever it was necessary to please the public.

But climate change is no joke. We see the evidence with our own eyes and still, some of us are out there, refusing to take heed of the situation.

NASA has dedicated years of research and hard work into this matter and they have a few things to say backed up by hard evidence. They also say that just in the past 650,000 years, there have been 7 global ice cycles and the last one (the ice age) ended abruptly, leading to our current world climate. Just in 6000 years, we have gone from ice age to the world we live in, wherein the frequent changes take not thousands of years but maybe just as a few or one decade to occur.

Ice cones have been collected from regions like tropical mountains and glaciers, Greenland and Antarctica and they all show the same result-erratic changes in greenhouse gas levels.

Some evidence of climate change, as provided by NASA (most of these caused by rise in carbon dioxide levels)

  • Glacial retreat
  • Rise in sea levels
  • Rise in global temperature
  • Erratic and rapid climates (hotter summers, heavy rains, sudden reduction in stretches of winter)
  • Warmer oceans
  • Shrinking ice slates
  • Reduction in arctic ice circle
  • Increase in acidity in oceans

Climate change is subtle but there are so many things which do occur, mostly, them being human-induced. Our carbon footprint is in abundance which can be of no good to this blue planet. The increasing production of carbon dioxide is doing more harm than good and if people turn the other way today, we will all be doomed in no time.

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