Drunk men harass woman IndiGo staffer, fall at her feet and apologise after police intervention

A female cabin crew member of IndiGo airlines was harassed by two drunk men. Before they were arrested, one of them fell on the woman’s feet, apologising.

Men resort to unacceptable behaviour and often put the blame on alcohol. Men, in inebriated state, misbehaving is so common that in many places, this is even normalised.
Two drunk men harassed a woman cabin crew member of IndiGo airlines at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad possibly assuming she would let it pass without standing up against them.

Much to their disappointment, the woman informed the police about the harassment.

In a video that has gone viral, and said to have been shot by another IndiGo staff member, the men could be seen profusely apologising to the woman they harassed.
One of these men fell to the woman’s feet and apologised again but couldn’t avoid an arrest.
The two men were arrested by the police and a case was registered against them at a nearby police station.

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