Khatron Ke Khiladi Contestants Perform Stunts Like Bollywood Heroes

Khatron Ke Khiladi Contestants Perform Stunts Like Bollywood Heroes

The episode started with funny Bollywood scenes between the contestants. Rohit Shetty announced that today’s episode will be dedicated to filmy heroes. He then narrated an incident about his dad who was a stuntman and Amitabh Bachchan. He told them that how he was convinced as a kid that hero can do the impossible. They came to the port to play the game. Rohit Shetty introduced a lady as DDLJ’s ‘Senorita’ and the contestants are supposed to complete the task to become her ‘Raj’. Shantanu, Ravi Dubey and Rhitvik were supposed to do the first task. They asked Geeta Phogat to choose who should go first and she chose Rhitvik, Ravi and Shantanu in order.

The underwater stunt was quite tough as they had to bag the flag from there and bring it up. Rhitvik was scared of underwater breathlessness and he struggled hard to breathe. Karan, Hina and Nia kept encouraging him. Ravi Dubey too found it difficult to complete the task. Ravi completed the task in a relatively calmer way. Shantanu was finding it difficult to loosen the flags but finished the task fast. Shantanu became emotional after he came out of the water. Shantanu won the underwater flag task. Rohit Shetty and contestants pulled Shantanu’s leg. Shantanu got the chance to dance with Senorita.

Then there was a partner stunt between Karan Wahi- Geeta Phogat and Hina- Nia. They had to stick the snails to their head and put it in a box in partnership. The box was then weighed to choose the winner. Both the teams fared well. The next stunt was about cars. Rohit Shetty narrated a stunt disaster during the shoot of ‘Chennai Express.’ This next was dedicated to all the filmy stunt heroes in real life. The contestants for this car stunt were Lopamudra Raut and Manveer Gurjar. Whiole Lopa completed the task with ease, Manveer’s performance will be shown in tomorrow’s episode. Stay tuned for updates.

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