Kajal Aggarwal Srinivas Avasarala Regina Cassandra Nithya Menon
Prasanth Varma
Release Date
16 February 2018
1 h 50 min
Sci-Fi, Thriller
Awe is a 2018 Indian Telugu-language psychological thriller film directed by Prasanth Varma and produced by Nani and Prashanti Tipirneni. It stars Kajal Aggarwal as the main protagonist with Nithya Menen, Regina Cassandra, Eesha Rebba, Srinivas Avasarala, Priyadarshi Pullikonda and Murali Sharma in the supporting roles. The film met with mixed to positive reviews from audience who praised the screenplay of the film especially the culmination of the movie and praised for its unique plot and direction. Kajal Agarwal's performance was praised by many critics and audience as well. The film was also appreciated for its social message and dealing on women issues.

The story starts from mainly focuses on Krish (Nithya Menon) a bike racer, Radha (Eesha Rebba) a women waiting for her lover to come, Shiva (Srinivas Avasarala)a watchman who aspires to become scientist, Meera (Regina Cassandra) a waitress who is addicted to drugs , Yogi (Murali Sharma)an egoistic magician, Nala (Priyadarshi Pullikonda) a cook, Moksha (little kid) who works at her Mom Pragathi’s restaurant.

Radha (Eesha Rebba) and her partner Krishnaveni (Nithya Menen) are a couple trying to convince the former’s parents to give their blessings to the union. Nala (Priyadarshi) is a man who is down on luck and pretending to be a chef so he can gain some meaningful employment. He befriends a goldfish named Nani (Nani) and a bonsai tree named Chanti (Ravi Teja) in the kitchen. Shiva (Srinivas Avasarala) is a watchman who wants to be a scientist and invent a time machine, while Parvathy (Devadarshini) claims him and her are two sides to the same person. Moksha is a little kid working at her mother’s restaurant and engaged in a cold war with an egoistic magician Yogi (Murali Sharma). Meera (Regina Cassandra) is a waitress and drug addict, gearing up to loot a rich man with her boyfriend. And last but not least, Kali (Kajal Aggarwal) is a troubled woman who decides to kill herself and commit a mass murder on her birthday. Finally in the end it is revealed that Kali (Kajal Agarwal) has Multiple Personality Disorder which she develops due to her childhood abuse and gets disturbed mentally and various personalities develop in her mind and all the characters shown are her Personalities in her mind and commits mass murder by killing her personalities. The film ends with Kali shown in each of her personality.

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