Pakistan Calls Back Envoy To India After Alleged Incidents Of Harassment

Pakistan had earlier complained that the Pakistani Deputy High Commissioner’s car was chased and men hurled abuses at the driver in Delhi.

Pakistan has called back its High Commissioner in Delhi for a meeting after alleging that its diplomats and their families were “harassed and intimidated” in the capital. Islamabad said in a statement that it had called envoy Sohail Mahmood for “consultations” after “no positive action had been taken by India”.

Indian government sources downplayed the move, saying: “Consultation is routine process between the embassy and the foreign office, it is nothing unusual.”

Pakistan had complained to the government that there had been many incidents of its officials and their families being harassed and “bullied” in Delhi. According to Islamabad, its Deputy High Commissioner’s car was chased and his driver was abused by a group of men.Over the past few days, video footage and photos apparently of such incidents have been shown on Pakistani television channels.

India said its diplomats in Islamabad had faced harassment for long, “particularly in the last year”, when ties between the neighbours had taken a sharp plunge over ceasefire violations and terror attacks in Jammu and Kashmir. Giving instances, India said on 16 February, the Indian envoy met the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan to lodge a strong protest against multiple acts of hooliganism. It said the homes of Indian officials were broken into, the power supply snapped and often laptops were stolen.

India said it has repeatedly requested Pakistan to mutually ensure an atmosphere free of fear. “We would like to continue the fine tradition of allowing diplomats to do their jobs,” said the government.



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