Swine flu: worst cases in Gujarat, Maharashtra in terms of infection, deaths

Swine flu: worst cases in Gujarat, Maharashtra in terms of infection, deaths

While national Capital Delhi, recorded 1,066 cases of swine flu, Maharashtra and Gujarat are the worst affected when it comes to the number of cases of swine flu reported in the past one month. According to Zee News the number of swine flu deaths are stated by the official figures stands at 280 in Gujarat and the number of reported cases at 3,220 this week alone. Till August 13, Maharashtra has reported 409 deaths due to swine flu and 4,011 cases of infections. Public health officials have warned that with monsoon still underway in both the states, the figures of infections and deaths are likely to rise.
Originally transmitted from pigs, the H1N1 type A influenza or swine flu now spreads from one human to another. The symptoms of swine flu are very similar to regular influenza and include fever, headaches, chills, diarrhea, coughing and sneezing. By maintaining basic hygiene and wearing a proper surgical mask during flu season One can prevent Swine Flu infection. There are various vaccines available to combat the disease and antiviral treatments for prevention as well. One should however only use these medicines under a doctor’s supervision as indiscriminate use might result in susceptibility to the virus.
There are three different types of swine flu –
swine with mild symptoms
swine flu with moderate symptoms
swine flu with severe symptoms
Swine with Mild Symptoms – Those who present with mild influenza symptoms fall in category A. They are advised to restrict themselves to home, and necessarily do not undergo testing for H1N1 virus.
Swine Flu with Moderate Symptoms – Category B includes those who show all the signs of swine flu and test positive for H1N1, and therefore are at high-risk.

Swine Flu with Severe Symptoms – Those who have symptoms of both categories A and B and have to be hospitalized due to severe form of chest pain, breathlessness, and other symptoms fall in category C.

You can prevent Swine Flu by continuing the best hygiene practices like washing hands before eating and everything returned from public places, wearing mask in crowded places, avoid touching face or nose with unwashed hands, make sure to wear full sleeve cloth as much as possible.

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