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Apple’s iPhone X gamble shows signs of backfiring

OLED panel problems and technical issues relating to Face ID components could mean severe shortages well into next year. It seems that component problems will mean severe iPhone X shortages well into 2018. According to a Nikkei report, OLED panel production will only reach 10 million units a year, which means Apple will have to […]

Attention investors: A big event coming up Iphone tsunami

The revolutionary IPhone is back again with its 10th anniversary edition. read below the chaos it creates among loyalist: If you are a dealer of iPhone, a stockist of one or are planning to buy the new edition of Iphone…any where around the world  there is something you should know. With the announcement of the […]

Samsung won’t show off its Galaxy S8 at MWC next month

This year’s Mobile World Congress expo, which usually sees major smartphone brands from around the world unveil their latest and greatest products, will miss one of the most highly anticipated launches of all time: Samsung’s Galaxy S8. The S8 is the South Korean firm’s upcoming flagship phone that will succeed the disastrous Galaxy Note 7, […]

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