I Am Happy to Play My Age on Screen Vidya Balan in Tumhari Sulu

Tumhari Sulu movie review: Vidya Balan’s slice of life film will win you over with its simplicity and charm

Tumhari Sulu is a must watch and this review will tell you why
Vidya Balan returns as a homemaker with a charm that entices one and all in Tumhari Sulu. The trailer got rave response what with the actress’ effervescence rubbing off on others. But is it worth your time and money this I Am Happy to Play My Age on Screen Vidya Balan in Tumhari Suluweekend? Here’s the review of the film which will tell you just that.

What’s it about :
There’s a scene in Tumhari Sulu where Vidya Balan wears a red cape and mimics being a super woman during a fun song sequence. Sulu makes a valid point in this goofy moment that every housewife who is juggling between her work and family is no less than a superhero. Clocking at 140 odd minutes Tumhari Sulu is perhaps the best written tribute to every woman who under the pretext of being labelled a house-maker often leaves behind her dreams and aspiration. Sulochana (Vidya) is a middle class woman with a loving husband (Manav Kaul) and child. She might not have the luxury of a 3 BHK or a flat in a plush locality, but Sulu’s happiness is found in the humourous banter with her husband or in the prizes she wins in the ‘Limbu-Chamcha’ race or the local ‘best mummy contest’. Sulu is an eternal optimist with her ‘Mai kar sakti hai’ attitude. She one day decides to become a radio jockey at a local station that holds audition for aspiring RJs. Neha Dhupia plays the suave radio station owner who sees a spark in Sulu’s quirky audition, offering her a late night show titled Tumhari Sulu where she chats with callers who want to engage in flirty conversations. Despite a supportive husband, Sulu soon finds herself at the cross roads after an incident involving her son turns her world upside down. Caught between following her dream and being the perfect wife and mother, Sulu realised that perhaps her ‘Mai kar sakti hai’ mantra was just an illusion.
What’s Hot
First time director Suresh Triveni builds up a narrative that is instantly likeable and immensely relatable. Sulu’s simplicity and her child like innocence seduces you from the very first frame. Vidya Balan has proved that she can sell her audience any character with equal conviction. Despite being polar opposites, her Sulu act has the same zest and punch as much as her Dirty Picture Silk performance. Vidya carries the film on her able shoulders with utmost ease and glides through every scene like a trapeze artist who knows every move and swing at the back of her hand. Her performance is further enhanced by the fantastic support she receives from Manav Kaul who plays Ashok. Vidya and Manav’s comic timing, their flirting, the banter and even the fights have been so beautifully constructed that you feel like you are in their 1bhk apartment watching them up close. Manav underplays Ashok giving him depth and character that requires subtlety. His frustration watching his wife battle cat calls on the radio or his own struggle with himself on being unable to achieve his own ambitions are some of the best moments of the film. Tumhari Sulu has a dramatic second half but the drama seems organic and a progression of the storyline. It doesn’t feel like a sequence out of a daily soap fight between a husband and wife. Suresh Triveni weaves in several beautiful moments in the film. A scene shows Vidya offering a transgender person a vacant seat in a bus that is reserved for women. There is another scene that has a gutsy woman cab driver narrate her life to Vidya while dropping her off to the radio station. Vidya’s Sulu act is never over the top or loud, her ability to use less to say more in a lot of scenes is the beauty of the film. Neha Dhupia as Sulu’s boss at the radio station is in top form.
What’s not
The pace in the second half does falter and the climax seems a bit rushed. There seems a conceited effort to give the film a feel good end despite the challenges of its characters. The track with Sulu’s son and his issues at school could have had a better graph. Manav’s track feels a bit one dimensional after a point of time with the focus constantly being on the narrative through Sulu’s point of view.
What to do
Tumhari Sulu is funny, dramatic, engaging and entertaining at the same time. Vidya and Manav give performances that will shine on their resumes for a lifetime. Watch it if you ever felt ‘I can do this!’ while pursuing a secret dream. Tumhari Sulu is a must watch!
3.5 out of 5


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