youth and social media

Youth And Social Media

youth and social media

Youth, these days have so much drowned themselves in social media that they have forgot distinguishing between right and wrong, good and bad. Social media acts as a catalyst in their day today lives. They are so much influenced by the social media as in WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram to name a few. Posts, status updates, videos, likes, comments etc have become a crucial part of today’s youth. These things have become characteristics to differ between inferior and superior, social and anti-social, famous and infamous, extrovert -introvert. Active and dull, whether he or she is enjoying life o not and so on. Youth has become a puppet in society when it comes to social media. Social media even makes them judge their status and standards in the society.

Social media, these days has pros and cons in its own way, as we know everything in this world has got some. Social media has become a part of everyone’s life that it can’t be ignored. Social media has both positive and negative impact not only on youth but also on elders and children.

The positive impacts of social media could be making new friends, socializing, rapid communication, building up confidence and new relationships etc. Whereas negative impacts may include bullying, privacy constraints, cybercrime, not concentrating on academics, wasting time, devoid from the real world etc.

Social media can be categorized in to six types and they are: Joint projects like Wikipedia, blogs like Twitter, content communities like YouTube, social networking sites like Face book, effective game worlds like World of War craft and virtual social worlds like second life. Other than this social media technology may include: blogs, picture-sharing, vlogs, wall-postings, email, instant messaging, music-sharing, crowd sourcing and voice over IP and many more.

Whole of social media is managed using the seven functional building blocks and they are: Identity, conversations, sharing, presence, relationships, reputation, and groups. Main purpose of using these building blocks is to get better idea on the essential needs of the social media viewers and these building blocks may differ with the type of social media. For example, users of LinkedIn mainly focus on identity, reputation and contacts whereas YouTube building blocks are sharing, conversation, groups and reputation.

Use of social media is to be monitored well so as to save them from irreasonable dilemma and social injustice. Youth should consider their time and presence to be seen where there they can see their future that can make their time useful out of these media and not become judgmental out of it.

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